Next Meeting, Availability, Law Clarifications, Kit etc.

Remembrance Sunday

Please keep in mind that armistice day falls on Thursday 11th November, meaning that Sunday 14th November is Remembrance Sunday. It is tradition that all fixtures this weekend are preceeded by a moment’s reflection and that a 2 minutes silence is observed on Sunday at 11 AM.

From the fixtures on Who’s the Ref, it appears our clubs have arranged all of the youth rugby to take place later in the morning as per usual to avoid any clashes.

Next Society Meeting

The next general meeting is on the 7th December 2021 at Shelford RFC.

As is traditional, Guy has kindly agreed to put together a short quiz.


As we are sure you are fully aware, referee availability has blighted all referee societies in one way or another at the start of the season. Please keep Who’s the Ref up to date. We will work on the basis you are still available if WTR says you are – especially on Saturday mornings if we need to do late rearragements!

This particularly applies to the 27th November, which is the first round of Cuppers for CURUFC, and for Sunday fixtures, which are (as usual) a constantly evolving picture. Please update WTR if you find yourself available and also please let us know ASAP if a fixture is postponed/cancelled.

Law Updates/Clarifications

Boys Rugby and Global Law Trials

There was some discussion at the last meeting about this. We have prepared the below table to help clarify when the global law trials (the 50/22 and goal line drop out) come in for boys rugby. Please remember that boys rugby is being played to “one age grade down” regulations until the end of 2021 [hopefully the table helps].

Age RegulationsRFU LinkKey FeaturesGLT? (50/22, Goal-Line Dropout, Pre-Latching/Wedge Amendment)Age Group Playing to these Rules in 2021Age Group Playing to these rules from 01 Jan 2022
Under 14 Rules, NO LIFTING Lineout. 25 min half, 5 min sin bin.NOU15U14
Under 15 Rules Lineout with lifting. Defensive scrum half cannot go beyond the tunnel. 30 min half, 6 min sin bin.YesU16U15
Under 16/Under 18 Rules Lineouts with lifting, S/H can track the ball at scrum. 35 min half, 7 min sin bin.YesU18/Colts OnlyU16/U18

As always, if you are unsure, please refer to the RFU regulations for the age grade in question before your fixtures, and reach out to the management group if you require any assistance in interpreting them!

Line-Out and “Non-compete”

This has raised its head again in discussions on social media, and in fixtures. Members of the managment group reached out to RFU for a quick clarification on this.

If an attacking team looks to set up a maul from a lineout and the defending team chooses not to compete, the following must occur:

  • The defensive team must not leave the lineout before the ball leaves the line of touch (i.e. before the lineout is over)
  • For the attacking team to advance forward then the ball must remain at the front.
  • If the ball is moved to the back, then the attacking side must play the ball away immediately; if they do not then the players in front are accidentally offside.

The direction from RFU if the attack moves the ball to the back and still advance forward: We should look to manage this, by asking the team to use-it, either break/play away. If they do not then subject to sanction for accidental offside.

It was also asked if this situation is covered by the Global Law Trials relating to the flying wedge. The short answer is no (see below explaination from RFU):

A Flying wedge: An illegal type of attack, which usually happens near the goal line, either from a penalty or free-kick or in open play. Team-mates are latched on each side of the ball-carrier in a wedge formation before engaging the opposition. Often one or more of these team-mates is in front of the ball-carrier.

In the scenario you describe, provided the action does not fall within Law 9.11, then it is not contrary to law.


Once again, a huge thanks to Paul for arranging for the 75th Anniversary shirts. Please liaise wth Paul directly if you are yet to collect your kit, or have other kit-based needs.