Law Updates, Next Meeting

A brief update on a couple of issues arising out of recent discussions and law changes:

  1. Leggings are now permissable in all rugby per a change to Law 4 by World Rugby. They should be worn beneath shorts and socks.
  2. Following discussion at the last society meeting regarding uncontested scrums, please note that the “man off” rule does not apply for squads with fewer than 23 players as per Law 3.
    1. There is a logic tree via the RFU to aid with the situation where uncontested scrums are required.
    2. Please note that this logic tree should be followed at the moment a front row player leaves the field and not when the next scrum occurs.
    3. The reason for the first FR player leaving the field does not change the process.

The next meeting is scheduled for the 02 November 2021 at Cambridge RFC, Grantchester Road.


Time: 7.15 – 7.30: Fitness test

7.30 – 7.55: ‘Offside’ with Roy Philips . This will be outside, so please bring suitable clothes.

8-8.15: SGM – inside

8.15 – 9 : Refereeing a dominant scrum, and other business.