CUDRRS issues its referees with kit, most of which is free of charge, with the option for its members to supplement this with additional items at cost.

PLease contact Paul Wilson with any requests you have regarding kit.

Refereeing Essentials

We can provide whistles and scorecard wallets to our members.

For our advisors we have a couple of weatherproof clipboards available.

Match Kit

The society currently stocks some refereeing shirts in the following colours available to our members free of charge and subject to availability. Samurai sizing for these shirts is reasonably generous:

Yellow (M, XXL, XXXL)
Orange (S, L, XXL)
Pink (L, XL, XXL)
Green (M, L, XL, XXL)

In addition, black shirts are available for £20 each (S, M, L & XL available)

Black and Navy Rugby shorts and socks are also available to members.


There are still some of the 2019 polo shirts available for those who have yet to collect one (S, M, L & XL in stock currently).

We also provide all our members with society ties and there are three 17″ collar LS formal society shirts in stock currently.

Kit Bags & Tracksuits

We currently have 3 kitbags in stock and tracksuits in S, L, XL and XXL. £20 each.