There are a couple of useful forms/downloads and also report forms for injury, discipline and assessors.

The report forms can be downloaded here (linked through from RFU). All of these forms are published by the RFU and also posted on their website (please let the Comms Officer know if the links to RFU website break). When completed, please send all forms to our hon. secretary. A number of these forms are now available through Whos the Ref.

Useful Resources

Disciplinary Forms

Discipline Report Writing Guidance

Red Card Report

Match Official Abuse Report

Injury Reporting

Reportable Injury Form

What is a reportable injury?

  • An injury which results in the player being admitted to a hospital (this does not include those that attend an Accident or Emergency Department and are allowed home from there).
  • Deaths which occur during or within six hours of a game finishing.

If in doubt – fill out the form and send to the secretary who can then forward if required.

Match Official Development Review Forms

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3