About Us

Founded in 1946, the Cambridge University and District Rugby Referee Society has been supporting rugby union for both town and gown ever since. Drawing membership from across the entire region, our main purpose is to provide referees to our affiliated clubs and support our referees in their personal development on and off the field.

Membership Charter

Success on the Rugby field depends upon teamwork and loyalty. It’s the same for Refereeing. When we join the Society, we make a commitment to help it achieve its aim and objectives and to act with the highest integrity when representing it on or off the field.

Without such commitment, our team, our Society, cannot function effectively nor will it achieve “Better Refereeing for Better Rugby” for local Clubs and schools, our fellow members or for us.

It’s true we are unpaid volunteers but nevertheless we have to accept our obligations as members. What are these obligations? This Charter sets out the fundamental principles we should follow as members of the referees’ team.

Of course, there are things in life with a much higher priority than Rugby Football. The level of commitment will vary between individual members. That’s natural and acceptable. The Society welcomes and values the contribution of each member.

Everyone in our team is invited to play the fullest part they can. This Charter is our Game Plan.


The Society is committed to providing Better Refereeing for Better Rugby through the efforts of its own members and in partnership with others.


  • Satisfy all the refereeing needs of affiliated Clubs and schools
  • Ensure competent officials are appointed for each match
  • Provide opportunities for all officials to reach their full potential
  • Adopt best practice on and off the field
  • Promote a sporting spirit, fair play and respect for the Laws
  • Develop friendship and fun within the Game.

Principles of Membership

Members who are match officials should

  • Always be ready for appointment unless they have given due notice.
  • Prepare a Personal Development Plan to support their ambitions.
  • Arrive at grounds in good time to complete pre-match preparations.
  • Apply the core principles of Safety, Enjoyment, Learning and Law in all matches.
  • Request an official of each team to report on their performance.
  • Assess the Clubs’ performances for The Whistlers’ Trophy.

All members should       

  • Be ready to assist with the running of the Society.
  • Cooperate with, respect and support the Officers of the Society.
  • Behave well and be smartly dressed when representing the Society.
  • Attend meetings of the Society or tender their apologies.
  • Keep the promises they make to the Society and
  • Contribute to the friendship and fun the Society offers.