Message from RFU/RFRU on Current Return to Play

The RFRU has been asked to remind Societies as to where we are on the Return to Rugby Pathway.

Rugby is at Stage D of the pathway.

This means that intra club activity can include some contact work and inter club activity is allowed as a non contact activity.

Our strong recommendation is that a referee should only be involved in intra club activity in their own club.

Some clubs are asking societies to appoint to inter club activities. This should only be done if four criteria are successfully completed

  • Only referees who want to volunteer to do games should be appointed with no pressure being placed on individuals
  • The referee is satisfied that the club have made proper provision for a Covid safe environment for the official
  • If the game is an Age Grade game, the referee is DBS checked
  • It is organised as a non-contact fixture using Ready4Rugby or other Touch formats

If a club approaches a referee on an individual basis, the referee should only accept the game at their own club and recognising the above criteria.

We hope that this clarifies the situation in these fast moving times.

Ian Woodgate

RFRU Secretary